Volunteer Opportunities

The calendar below lists our upcoming volunteer opportunities. We will use this until we find a better management tool that suits our needs. Thank you for your patience.

Morning Cleaning of Dog & Cat Areas – 8:30-11 daily
We can take up to 4 volunteers in each area to help get the cat and dog areas ready for the day. Cats: Help support our staff by cleaning the main/lower cat areas. If you get done early there is always laundry to start, shelves to stock, and dishes/litter boxes to wash. Dogs: Help support our staff by cleaning our main/lower kennels. If you get done early there is always laundry to start, shelves to stock, and dishes to wash.

Clean Dishes & Laundry – 10-12 daily
If you want to come in and just help with dishes and laundry in the cat or dog area, we really appreciate that help. We can take up to 3 volunteers.

Front Desk / Office Support – 11-1:30 & 1:30-3:30 daily; 3:30-5:30 T, Th & Sat
Our Front Desk could use some support. Greeting people when they come in, making calls to complete adoption applications, handing out Meet Your Match forms, handing out Visitor Badges, thanking donors and more. Office could use help with filing, copying, writing thank you notes and more. We can take up to 2 volunteers.

Dog Walker - 11:30 – 1:30 (midday) & 1:30-3:30 (afternoon) daily; 3:30-5:30 (late afternoon) T, Th & Sat
Please come help walk dog, provide enrichment, or simply help by picking up poop. That way Staff can focus on working with the public or training our dogs.

Afternoon Cleaning of Cat Areas & Donations – 1:00-3:30 Sun, M, W, F & 3:30-5:30 T, Th & Sat
Help finish up laundry, scoop litter boxes and give clean water before we close up for the night. Help put up donations from the day. We can take up to 2 volunteers.

Greeters in Dog & Cat Areas – 12-2 & 2-4 Sat & Sun; 4-5:30 Sat
Engage potential adopters in cat rooms or dog kennel until Staff is available to assist with Meet Your Match. Greet individuals when they come in with a Meet Your Match slip. If Staff is available, direct the individual to speak with Staff, however if Staff is busy, then chat with individuals while they wait. You can explain what CAHW does, how MYM works, anything so they don't get bored and leave. When Staff becomes available, introduce the individual so Staff can find their match. Assist anyone with a visitor badge, so Staff can assist people interested in adopting. Is someone with a visitor badge decides they want to adopt, provide them the MYM slip to fill out. We can take up to 4 volunteers.

Donation/Animal Pick Ups – Varies
Let us know if you are willing to do pick-ups for us. Could be in kind donations, monetary donations (canisters), or an animal that needs transport. Sometimes pick-ups are scheduled in advance and some are last minute.

Offsite Events - varies
Cat Handler - You will be stationed by the cat habitats/kennels helping people interested in learning more about our cats.
Dog Handler - You will be handling a dog, likely a mix of walking/sitting and talking about the dogs at our facility.
Table Volunteer - Setup the table (flyers), sell raffle tickets, t-shirts, solicit donations, talk to people, assist people filling out Meet Your Match and adoption forms, answer questions and help direct traffic. Possibly relieve dog/cat handlers.