Our Dogs

We are excited that you are considering adoption! If you find a dog on our website that you're interested in meeting, please call the front desk to schedule a visit. Scheduling your visit will give you the personal attention you need to see if the dog you are interested in is a good fit. 

Unscheduled visits are limited to one dog per day for a maximum of 15 minutes. We hope you understand that this policy is intended to give our staff the time they need to care for our four-legged friends!  
  1. Ace 4 yrs old Lab/Bulldog Mix
    I was brought in by Bethlehem Police because my owner wasn't able to be located. I was born with a unique nose but don't worry it doesn't cause me any problems. I am a sweet boy that needs a little tlc since I am underweight. Please come visit me.
  2. Adora - In Foster (Medical)
    I am currently in medical foster because I have Cushings Disease. I will need daily medication but I get along with other dogs. Can you find it in your heart to adopt me? ❤️
  3. Annie 2 year old Chihuahua
    My time was up at another shelter. At first I can be shy and a little scared when meeting someone new. Once I warm up, I am friendly and sweet.
  4. Athena 2 year old Terrier mix
    Hi, I'm Athena. I was surrendered to the shelter because my owner's lifestyle changed. I was happy to be adopted recently but was returned because I play too rough with kids. I don't have a mean bone in my body I just get really excited when I am happy. I am good with other dogs.
  5. Beatrice 6 year old
    I was brought to the shelter after being neglected. Despite my haggard appearance, I am a sweet girl looking for true love. I lived with 3 other dogs.
  6. Bitsy 1 year old Hound
    My name is Bitsy. I came to the shelter with my sister Itsy. Unfortunately, I am heartworm positive. I am looking for a foster home because I need rest and medication until I am well enough to be adopted.
  7. Bo 7 yr old Greyhound Mix
    I was relinquished to the shelter covered in fleas with overgrown nails and a fever. I lived in a house for a year without stepping outside. I need a family that will be patient, understanding and help me calm my fears. I am desperate for love but unsure how that feels.
  8. Bronx 7 yr. Amer. Bulldog Terrier Mix
    My caramel coloring shines in the sunshine and so does my heart when I get the love I so deserve. I was in a home of my own for almost 8 months and then my owner took ill and had to surrender me. Come meet me and let's fall in love.
  9. Carmella 4 yr old Lab mix-In Foster
    Who's ready to play? I'm Carmella, I have so much energy that some times I like to leave the yard and explore. I'm a good girl but I need an active family with a tall fence. I get sad when left alone. I am currently in foster, but am patiently waiting for the right forever home. Call the Center to arrange to meet with me.
  10. Charlotte 3 year old Lab mix- In Foster to adopt
    Hi there. I am Charlotte. I'm incredibly sad and looking for someone to save me. I came here from a high kill shelter. I was adopted out three times and returned because I have severe separation anxiety. I need a patient, experienced family that will help me with my fears.
  11. Cherokee 2 Year old Shepherd Boxer mix
    I'm Cherokee. As you can tell from my picture, I am a little unsure of my future. I was brought to the shelter underweight and nervous. I am gaining weight and warming up to the staff. I am sweet and gentle. Please give me a chance.
  12. Chloe 7 year old Lab
    Hi, I am Chloe. My time was up at another shelter and I am hoping this time I finally find a forever home. I am sweet and get along well with other dogs.
  13. CiCi 13 year old Shih Tzu-In Foster
    Hi there, I'm CiCi. I am an older girl just looking for my forever home. I was originally brought to the shelter in 2011. I was adopted out twice and returned through no fault of my own. I am currently in foster but would love a forever family. Please call to meet me.
  14. Dutch- 7 Yr old Terrier Mix-In Foster
    I am currently in a medical foster due to a cancerous mass that I had removed. I have allergies and would need a special diet. I am doing well and would do best in a home with no other dogs or kids. I am ok with cats.
  15. Hazy 2 yr old Terrier Mix
    My owners had a change in their lifestyle and decided I didn't fit in. I'm a loyal, dedicated and loving dog who would fit right in with your family, just give me a chance. I am unhappy being here and don't show well in the kennel. Please ask to meet me.
  16. Henry 2 year Terrier mix
    I have been adopted and returned to the shelter twice through no fault of my own. I am a great dog who has spent more than half of my life in a shelter. I need an energetic family to make a lifelong commitment. I hope you are the one.
  17. Jackson - 4 yr. Hound Terrier Mix
    I was brought here when my owners moved. I really don't like being here and find it hard to trust people. When I do, my heart is yours for the taking. I am loyal and love to cuddle. I will require multiple visits. I have lived with other dogs. I would do best in a home without small children.
  18. Kahuna - Foster to Adopt Home
    If there's one thing I know, I'm not a city boy. I like the country, the quiet, the chance to run. I am a helper dog to others but prefer to be the only pet in your life. Please come meet me!
  19. Louie- 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix
    I was found in Williams Township with my leash still attached. My friends here search high and low for my owners, but no luck. I am friendly but a little nervous about being in a kennel. I seem to do well with other dogs.
  20. Maggie 3 year old Terrier Mix
    I was left in an abandoned home for 8 months. A good Samaritan brought me in so I can have a better life. I am scared right now but I am sweet and seem to be good with other dogs.
  21. Mimo 5 year old Chihuahua
    I was brought to the shelter when my owner was moving. He said although he had two dogs, only one could go. My brother got to stay since I was free and he was bought from a breeder. I am scared and confused but am learning to trust the humans at the shelter. Once you gain my trust, I am very loving.
  22. Miss Piggy 5 year old Terrier Mix
    You've heard my story before. I was adopted as a puppy. My parents had a baby and now I find myself back here. My human siblings were not always nice to me so I would prefer a home with respectful kids. I am incredibly loyal and even tried to run after my dad when he was leaving me behind.
  23. Monty 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix
    Monty here. My owner was a college kid who thought he was doing the right thing by getting me off of Craigslist when someone tried to get rid of me. I was too much responsibility for him but I am a great dog and would like a forever home.
  24. Munchkin-2 Yr old Terrier/Basset Hound
    My face tells you I am a Terrier, but my legs are short like a Basset Hound. I have a unique look and a lot of love to give. I would do best in a home with no cats and kids over the age of 10. I need work on my manners around other dogs.
  25. Munster 6 year old Boxer
    I have a face you can't resist. You will notice that I have extra skin around my gums. The vet thinks it's because I have too many teeth. She pulled some, but I have more to go. It doesn't affect the way I live, it just makes me unique.
  26. Precious- 3Yr Old Terrier Mix
    I was brought in as a stray from Easton. I am very smart. I know all basic commands and love to give paw in exchange for a treat. I am dog selective so a meeting with your pup would be a must.
  27. Reagle 4 year old Pug mix
    My name is Reagle. My time was up at another shelter. I have not been here long but the staff loves my sweet demeanor. I lived with another dog previously.
  28. Red- 8 yr old Coonhound
    Hi, I'm Red. I'm totally bummed that I have been adopted and returned to the shelter multiple times. Unfortunately, when I get a new home I display behaviors that make my owners nervous. It's weird because I NEVER do it at the shelter. I'm looking for a family that has experience with hounds.
  29. Ricky 7 year old Terrier Mix-In Foster
    I am a very sweet boy who looks to please. I love having a routine and being around my people. I'm a bit apprehensive when meeting new people. Give me a little time to warm up and I will be your best friend! I would prefer kids 12 and up. I like most dogs. Please call the shelter to meet me.
  30. Russell 1 year old Maltipoo-In Foster
    I was found as a stray in terrible condition. I am severely malnourished and missing almost all my hair. Even though I am in bad shape, I am sweet and loving. I am in foster, so please call the shelter if you would like to meet me.
  31. Susie Q 2 year old Labradoodle
    I was brought to the shelter from the Bethlehem Police. I am heartworm positive. I need a foster home without any other pets until I can be adopted. I do not like cats or dogs but I love children.
  32. Trudy 6 year old Lab/Collie mix
    I was brought to the shelter because I was being neglected. Despite my tough life, I am sweet and quiet. I like most dogs.