Our Cats

At CAHW, we have three free-roaming cat rooms in the main facility, a large space for ferals in our lower facility, and a room in the Spay and Neuter house for FeLV cats.
  1. Abraham 2 yrs old
    I'm an adventurous ball of fun. I am a great cat and you will be lucky to call me your own. I am friendly and do well with other cats. Intake Date 2/13/17
  2. Alannah F 5 yrs. 3 Mos
    Don't you just love my heart shaped nose? I am an independent girl looking for a family of my own. Intake date 3/15/14
  3. Avon - 3 yrs old
    I have called the Center home all my life. I was found near Lafayette College in 2013 and was very sick but thankfully the shelter took me in and healed me! I am a real Diva and am very independent. Intake Date 9/10/13
  4. Bazooka
    I was surrendered to the shelter because my owner was allergic. I am scared of other cats but love people. I am sweet and looking for a family to love. Intake Date 02/26/17
  5. Bistro M 6 yrs.
    I was abandoned at the doors of the shelter. Thankfully they welcomed me in and took care of me but I'm still here after 4 years! I am a sweet girl but a little shy. My best friend is Fluffernutter. Intake 11/8/12
  6. Bradley - Male
    I'm a real sweet guy just waiting to find my home with you. I was found as a stray and my age is a mystery but safe to say I'm a young adult. I am a laid back guy who takes everything in stride. Intake 7/7/16
  7. Budgie M 7 yrs. 4 mos
    I'm a cute guy with a love for people, other cats, and the staff at the shelter. I have called the Center home for almost five years! Is it my turn yet? I have some urinary issues but would make a great addition to your family. Intake date 4/5/12
  8. Chase - M 4 yr 4 mo
    I was found as a stray and although it's nicer here than on the streets, I would love a home of my own. I love other cats. I pretend to be shy but that's just and act. Intake Date 7/31/15
  9. Countess F 4 yrs 9 mos.
    The Center has been my home for almost 2 years. Maybe 2017 will be my year. I am looking for a quiet place to call home. I am laid back and docile. Please consider me, stop in and let's get acquainted. Intake Date 3/10/2015
  10. Fluffernutter - F 7 yrs. 5 mos.
    Sixth longest residing feline in the Center. I'm a little shy when you first meet me but I am as sweet as my name implies. I've been here since 2011 and I am so ready to find my forever home with you.
  11. Gladiator M Young Adult
    Found as a stray and has called the Center home for 2 1/2 years. Let's work on finding me a home. I am quiet and relaxed unlike my name. I would make a great addition to any home. Intake Date 5/13/2014
  12. Glovey 6 1/2 yr. Female DSH
    After six years of having a family of my own, they returned me as I wasn't fitting in with their lifestyle anymore! I am shy and quiet but very sweet. I am on special food because I have a sensitive stomach. Intake Date 3/31/16
  13. Hawthorn
    Wanna hear a sad story? I was brought to the Center as a stray in March, adopted in April and returned two weeks later because my new family was allergic :( I am a great cat who loves kids. Please give me my forever home. Intake Date: 3/26/17
  14. Holli - F 5 yr.
    I am an outgoing and playful girl. Wouldn't it be purrrfect to find a home of my own? Intake Date 10/29/15
  15. Jenkins - M 3 yr. 8 mo.
    I came to the shelter in such pain - I had a fracture on my femur that the shelter staff took care of! Now I'm all better and waiting for someone to take me to my new home! Intake Date 4/22/14
  16. Julessa - F 7 yr 7 mos
    Look at my eyes! While so many visitors have complimented me on them, unfortunately no one has ever been so moved to adopt me. I'm a good girl who is so ready, I've been waiting 4 yrs. 7 mos for you! Intake Date 5/17/12
  17. Marie 3Yrs old
    Brought in as a stray, I am a sweet girl who often gets overlooked. I am not just another black cat. I am a good girl who loves attention. Please give me a chance. Intake Date: 6/13/16
  18. Martini - F 7 1/2 yrs.
    I have special needs that the staff can tell you all about, but the good news is that I am playful, gentle and sweet. Please take a chance and come meet me! Intake Date 6/11/15
  19. Milano - M 9 yrs 7 mos.
    I have been at the Center since I was 1 year old AND still waiting for someone to take me home! Intake Date 12/29/08
  20. Mimi 11 yrs old
    I was surrendered with my sister Yuki on the month we turned 11. Now here we are wondering what happened. I am a good girl who just wants to spend the rest of my days with a family who loves me. Intake Date 2/3/17
  21. Missy Female Adult
    I am an independent girl looking for the right family. I am ready to have a window in the sun to call my own. Please stop by the shelter to meet me. Intake Date 3/31/16
  22. Mittens 7 yrs old
    I was surrendered to the shelter when my family moved and didn't take me with. I am very laid back and good with other cats so I'm not sure what went wrong. Please come visit me. Intake Date 9/16/16
  23. Mrs. Clause
    My name was given to me because I was brought in as a stay just 1 week before Christmas. I am a sweet and gentle girl waiting on my forever family. Intake Date 12/18/16
  24. O'hara M 8 yr 9 mos.
    I have been looking for my forever home for almost 3 years. I am shy at first, but when you earn my trust you will have my love and devotion forever. Intake Date 3/17/14
  25. Pilgram 5 yrs old
    I am plus sized guy looking for my forever home. Like to veg out on the couch and watch tv? I'm your guy. Intake Date 3/17/14
  26. Posie - F 9 yr 3 mos Foster to Adopt
    8TH LONG TERM RESIDENT!! I'm here in my bed at the shelter but would much rather be at home curled up with you. I like other cats, I like people and I'm very social. What makes me unadoptable??!! Please look at me. Intake Date 8/6/11
  27. Retro - M 3 yrs 7 mos
    LONG TERM RESIDENT. Found when I was a kitten and everyone thought I would find a home quickly (that was 3 yrs ago) I find I am growing up here but hoping I will know what it's like to have a home of my own. I am spunky and an interesting character. Intake Date 10/10/13
  28. Sharon - F 6 yr 3 mos
    I arrived at the shelter as a stray and I was very sick at the time. Since then, I've healed completely and I'm excited to find my new home. I hope to see you soon - please ask for me! Intake Date 9/4/14
  29. Sweet Claire 10 yrs old
    I was brought in as a stray and am hoping to get a family soon. I think my time on the streets made me a little wary of people but I am coming along nicely. Although I am shy, I am gentle and very docile senior. Intake Date 2/1/17
  30. Tang 4 yrs old
    I was found as a stray and brought to the shelter. My time on the streets was rough and I am FIV+. I am a big teddy bear and love attention from others. Please don't be scared by my condition. The staff will help you understand it. Intake Date 5/21/15
  31. Tina - F 2 yr 2 mos
    Found as a stray at 1 year, I have lived over half my life at the Center. I won't take up much space and will rest quietly with very little disturbance if you will just give me a chance. Intake Date 10/9/15
  32. Thunder - M 5 yrs
    My eyes are so striking that's the reason for my name. I have spent a year here and am hoping to find love soon. Will it be with you? Intake Date 1/5/16
  33. Yuki 11 yr old
    I was surrendered by my owner in the same month I turned 11 with my sister Mimi. As you can imagine that makes me very sad but I'm a nice girl looking to find a family that will let me live out my life. Please consider this older gal. Intake Date 2/3/17
  34. Zazu - F 12 yr 9 mos.
    ANOTHER LONG TERM RESIDENT!! Hard to believe I have lived here for almost 5 years! I am beautiful and very docile. I won't take up much space and would love to have a corner to curl up in. Intake Date 3/22/12
  35. Zombie - M 8 yrs 2 mos
    I play like a kitten and have been brought offsite to play with kittens because I am so full of energy despite my age. Being here for over a year hasn't been bad but a home of my own would be my wish in 2017. Intake Date10/5/15