Our Cats

At CAHW, we have three free-roaming cat rooms in the main facility, a large space for ferals in our lower facility, and a room in the Spay and Neuter house for FeLV cats.
  1. Julessa - F 7 yr 7 mos
    Look at my eyes! While so many visitors have complimented me on them, unfortunately no one has ever been so moved to adopt me. I'm a good girl who is so ready, I've been waiting 4 yrs. 7 mos for you! Intake Date 5/17/12
  2. Engo- F 3 yr. 5 mo.
    I was practically born at the shelter! I grew up as a kitten here and am ready to figure out what many others here already know: what a real forever home is like. Intake Date 9/5/13
  3. Neko - M 8yrs 2 mos.
    My family moved and decided I couldn't go with them... There are others here at the shelter with the same or similar stories - I hope this turns into a better home life for me eventually! Intake Date 10/21/12
  4. Milano - M 9 yrs 7 mos.
    4th LONGEST TERM RESIDENT! Been in the Center since I was 1 year old AND still waiting for someone to take me home! Intake Date 12/29/08
  5. Clovers - M 7 yrs 9 mox
    I arrived at the shelter and wasn't in good condition. The staff took me in, fixed me up, gave me medication, and now I'm all ready for adoption and have been since Intake Date 3/16/14
  6. Carson In Foster
    Currently in foster, waiting for my FURVER Home and family. I need a friend will you please be mine? Intake 9/5/2013
  7. Budgie M 7 yrs. 4 mos
    I'm a cute guy with a love for people, other cats, and the staff at the shelter. I have called the Center home for almost five years! Is it my turn yet? Intake date 4/5/12
  8. Bistro M 6 yrs.
    I was abandoned at the doors of the shelter. Thankfully they welcomed me in and took care of me but I'm still here after 4 years! Intake 11/8/12
  9. Avon - 3 yrs old
    I have called the Center home all my life. I was found near Lafayette College in 2013 and was very sick but thankfully the shelter took me in and healed me! Intake Date 9/10/13
  10. Augger F 7 yr 6 mo
    I arrived at the shelter through no fault of my own and am ready to find my one true family! Intake date 5/1/15
  11. Ashlan F 10yr 10 mos.
    I came to the shelter because my family no longer wanted me. It made me sad until I realized I'll find a better home with someone else. Intake date 4/18/14
  12. Alura F 4yr 5 mos.
    I am a sweet girl that would love to curl up on your lap or sit by the window and lounge in the sun. Intake Date 7/15/14
  13. Arcemedes M 8 yr. 8 mos
    Still have a lot of living to do and hope it's not in the Center but in a nice cozy home. Intake Date 10/6/15
  14. Alannah F 5 yrs. 3 Mos
    Look into my eyes and be mesmerized. I need a warm lap to curl upon, can it be yours? Intake date 3/15/14
  15. Holli - F 5 yr.
    It may look like I just love lounging here in my hammock at the shelter but I assure you when you come by I will be up and excited to see you! I would love nothing more than to be your forever feline. Intake Date 10/29/15
  16. Bowie M 5 yrs 6 mos.
    I don't want to brag but look at me! One handsome fellow looking for a home, plenty of love to give. Intake 8/20/15
  17. Tina - F 2 yr 2 mos
    Found as a stray at 1 year, I have lived over half my life at the Center. I won't take up much space and will rest quietly with very little disturbance if you will just give me a chance. Intake Date 10/9/15
  18. Chase - M 4 yr 4 mo
    I was found as a stray and although it's nicer here than on the streets, I would love a home of my own. Intake Date 7/31/15
  19. Rosanna - F Age 2 yrs 6 mos.
    Found as a kitten and growing up at the shelter. Please don't let me grow up all alone without ever having a family of my own. Intake Date 12/22/14
  20. Emma - F 2 yrs. 2 mos.
    Black is Beautiful! There are many of us to choose from here at the Center but I hope you pick me. Intake Date 5/5/15
  21. Fluffernutter - F 7 yrs. 5 mos.
    Sixth longest residing feline in the Center. I'm a little shy when you first meet me but I am as sweet as my name implies. I've been here since 2011 and I am so ready to find my forever home with you.
  22. Martini - F 7 1/2 yrs.
    Like a fine wine or a strong martini, I'm here to please you! I would love to come home with you and make your family complete. Please give me a chance and come meet me! Intake Date 6/11/15
  23. Panthy - M 1 yr 9 mos
    Black cats are like mini panthers and my name proves it! I'm up to date on all my shots, I'm neutered, and I'm ready to meet you! Please stop by the shelter to meet me. Intake Date 3/11/16
  24. Tobalina- F 7 yr 5 mos
    I'm very beautiful but I would be even more so if I was curled up on your lap. I love to be pet, I love to be scratched, and all I want to do is be your best friend forever. Intake Date 5/1/15
  25. Bradley - Male
    I'm a real sweet guy just waiting to find my home with you. I was found as a stray and my age is a mystery but safe to say I'm a young adult. Intake 7/7/16
  26. Zedd M 13 yrs. old
    Left on the front door step of the Center on 9/11/2013 and still waiting for the home to call my own. I am considered a Senior and that means a lower adoption fee but I still have plenty of life in me as my life expectancy is 20 years.
  27. Vanessa - F Adult
    I'm a beautiful girl just waiting to find my home with you. I'm up to date on all my shots, I'm spayed, and I'm ready to meet you! Please stop by the shelter to meet me. Intake Date 9/6/15
  28. Noel - F 1 yr. 3 mos
    Lived my entire life at the shelter, is that really fair. I'm adorable and sweet and hope that I am not here when I'm a senior! Intake Date 12/5/15
  29. O'hara M 8 yr 9 mos.
    Like my pal, Noel, I am pretty fond of my name. I'm unique, I'm beautiful. I'm loving and caring and so much more. I have been looking for my forever home for almost 3 years. Intake Date 3/17/14
  30. Jenna - F 3 yr 7 mos
    I'm a beauty! I am also house trained, spayed, and I'm up-to-date on all my vaccinations. So I'm all ready to come home with you - please come and meet me! Intake Date 4/30/16
  31. Missy Female Adult
    I'm up to date on all my shots, I'm spayed, and I'm ready to meet you! Please stop by the shelter to meet me. Intake Date 3/31/16
  32. Puss n Boots - M 4 yrs.
    Just like I was portrayed on the movie, Shrek, I'm a handsome lover of a guy and I'm here at the shelter waiting for you to rescue me. Intake Date 1/5/16
  33. Thunder - M 5 yrs
    My eyes are so striking that's the reason for my name. I have spent a year here and am hoping to find love soon. Will it be with you? Intake Date 1/5/16
  34. Blanche (Adoption Fee PAID) 8 yrs. old
    I'm a sweetheart who has allergies to food so I am on special food. I love to play and roam and would love a home of my own. Intake 8/15/15
  35. Glovey 6 1/2 yr. Female DSH
    After six years of having a family of my own, they returned me as I wasn't fitting in with their lifestyle anymore! Intake Date 3/31/16
  36. Hortense Female 1 yr.
    Found as a stray and lived with Foster until ready for adoption and now I'm waiting. Won't you consider me?? Intake Date 7/26/16
  37. Gladiator M Young Adult
    Found as a stray and has called the Center home for 2 1/2 years. Let's work on finding me a home, please....I will protect your home like a Gladiator should. Intake Date 5/13/2014
  38. Wendy F 2 yrs. 2 mos.
    Found and brought to the shelter by some very nice people. I wish they would have kept me but they didn't have the desire to love me. I am happy here at the center but a home of my own would make me much happier. Intake Date 06/25/2016
  39. Sparkie F 9 yr. 8 mos.
    My owner had to move and there was no room in the new home for me?!! I am beautiful and take up very little space. I just need a furever home where my owners will think I am important enough to keep. Will that be you?
  40. Countess F 4 yrs 9 mos.
    The Center has been my home for almost 2 years. Maybe 2017 will be my year. I am a Countess who deserves a royal home of her own. Please consider me, stop in and let's get aquainted. Intake Date 3/10/2015
  41. Jenkins - M 3 yr. 8 mo.
    I came to the shelter in such pain - I had a fracture on my femur that the shelter staff took care of! Now I'm all better and waiting for someone to take me to my new home! Intake Date 4/22/14
  42. Orangina - F 8 yrs. 5 mos.
    A member of my family became allergic to me so they returned me to the shelter. I was so upset! I like other cats, I love people, and I want to love a new family. Four years is long enough at the Center, please adopt me! Intake Date 12/16/12
  43. Perdita - F 3 yrs. 3 mox.
    During the cold weeks of February, I was found as a stray and brought to the warmth of the shelter. I've been happy to call this my temporary home but is 3 years really temporary??!! Intake Date 2/1/14
  44. Posie - F 9 yr 3 mos
    8TH LONG TERM RESIDENT!! I'm here in my bed at the shelter but would much rather be at home curled up with you. I like other cats, I like people and I'm very social. What makes me unadoptable??!! Please look at me. Intake Date 8/6/11
  45. Retro - M 3 yrs 7 mos
    LONG TERM RESIDENT. Found when I was a kitten and everyone thought I would find a home quickly (that was 3 yrs ago) I find I am growing up here but hoping I will know what it's like to have a home of my own. Intake Date 10/10/13
  46. Sharon - F 6 yr 3 mos
    I arrived at the shelter as a stray and I was very sick at the time. Since then, I've healed completely and I'm excited to find my new home. I hope to see you soon - please ask for me! Intake Date 9/4/14
  47. Wiggs - F 7 yr 5 mos
    Another LONG Term Resident. I'm a little different than most others here as I LOVE cats, I'm just not so crazy about people! If you have other cats that you want a companion for, I'm your gal! Intake Date 6/1/12
  48. Winkle - M 9 yr 6 mos
    Sixth Longest Residing Feline. Not a title I'm proud to have and am hoping 2017 is my year for a forever home. Being here almost 6 years should get me some attention? I hate being overlooked day after day. Intake Date 4/3/11
  49. Zazu - F 12 yr 9 mos.
    ANOTHER LONG TERM RESIDENT!! Hard to believe I have lived here for almost 5 years! I am beautiful and very docile. I won't take up much space and would love to have a corner to curl up in. Intake Date 3/22/12
  50. Zombie - M 8 yrs 2 mos
    I play like a kitten and have been brought offsite to play with kittens because I am so full of energy despite my age. Being here for over a year hasn't been bad but a home of my own would be my wish in 2017. Intake Date10/5/15
  51. Reid M 9 mos old FELV
    Found as a stray and have tested positive for FELV but that doesn't mean I can't live happily with you. Please inquire at the front desk about FELV and let's get acquainted.
  52. Petey M 10 mos.
    I'm a big boy for my age and have lots of energy. I'm very sweet and love to play. I was found as a stray when I was 3 weeks old and have been in the shelter since May 2016. I hope to be spending my birthday in my forever home, please come meet me.