Our Cats

At CAHW, we have three free-roaming cat rooms in the main facility, a large space for working cats in our lower facility, and a room in the Spay and Neuter house for FeLV cats .
  With over 150 cats in our facility, we can't list them all but below is a sampling. 
Please stop by and meet your new best friend!!
  1. Addison F 6 yrs old
    I came to the shelter as a stray in 2016. Even though I am front declawed, sweet and very sociable I keep getting overlooked. I am hoping to find a home soon. Intake date 3/12/16
  2. Adora F 8 yrs old
    I came to the shelter because my owner was ill and could no longer take care of me. I am a laid back and mellow girl just looking for a quiet place to relax. Intake date 9/11/17
  3. Alice F age unknown
    I was found abandoned in Nazareth and a kind stranger brought me to the shelter. I am friendly and good with other cats. Intake date 5/8/17
  4. Amy F 3 yrs old
    I came to the shelter as a stray. I am active and friendly. Intake date 10/1/17
  5. Arnold 4 months old
    I came in as a stray and would love a home. I am shy at first. When I warm up, I love to cuddle. Intake date 10/14/17
  6. Avon - 3 yrs old
    I have called the Center home all my life. I was found near Lafayette College in 2013 and was very sick but thankfully the shelter took me in and healed me! I am a real Diva and am very independent. Intake Date 9/10/13
  7. Bazooka
    I was surrendered to the shelter because my owner was allergic. I am scared of other cats but love people. I am sweet and looking for a family to love. Intake Date 02/26/17
  8. Belladonna F 1 yr old
    Sweet, friendly and easy going is the best way to describe me. I am a little shy at first but once I warm up to you, I'll be your best friend. Intake Date 5/19/17
  9. Boo F 6 yrs old
    I'm a sassy girl who likes attention, but only on my terms. I am not a fan of other cats. Intake Date 5/21/16
  10. Bowie F 5 yrs old
    While I do like to be pet, it must be on my terms. Sometimes you will get a swat if my mood is off. I must be you're one and only. Give me wet food and I'll be your best friend. Intake Date 8/20/15
  11. Bradley - Male
    I'm a real sweet guy just waiting to find my home with you. I was found as a stray and my age is a mystery but safe to say I'm a young adult. I am a laid back guy who takes everything in stride. Intake 7/7/16
  12. Budgie M 7 yrs. 4 mos
    I'm a cute guy with a love for people, other cats, and the staff at the shelter. I have called the Center home for over five years! Is it my turn yet? I have some urinary issues but would make a great addition to your family. Intake date 4/5/12
  13. Carly F 2 yrs old
    I was brought to the shelter because my owner was moving and they would not let me come with. I'm still young so I love to play, especially with other cats. I am very loving and sweet. Intake date 4/8/17
  14. Carmen F 2 yrs old
    So my owners moved and decided not to take me with. I would like a quiet home. I am very sweet and friendly. Intake date 7/27/17
  15. Chad M 2yrs old
    I'm Chad and honestly it's going to take someone pretty special to adopt me. I am FIV+, neurologically impaired and I have stomach issues. I know it's a lot to ask but would you consider bringing me home? Intake date 3/22/17
  16. Citrus F 7 yrs old
    I am a tiny girl with a lot of personality. I am jealous so I need to be your one and only pet. I am devoted so you will always find me close by. Intake Date 3/22/16
  17. David 8 months old
    Found as a stray and ready for my forever home. I am playful, active and fun to be around. Intake Date 7/8/17
  18. Daisy and Maggie 10 years old
    We are a bonded pair that love to cuddle. Daisy loves to talk and Maggie is sweet and gentle. Intake Date 10/24/17
  19. Flo F 11 yrs old
    Please someone pick me. I was adopted from the shelter as a kitten and then came back 10 years later. I have since been adopted twice and brought back through no fault of my own. I am an older girl but I am sweet and the staff thinks I am wonderful. Intake Date 6/29/16
  20. Helga F 10 yrs old
    I am an older girl who lived with my owner my whole life. When he passed away, Intake Date 2/22/17
  21. Holli - F 5 yr.
    I am a true scaredy cat, but that's only with cats because my vision is not so good. I looove people and purr as soon as I hear you coming. I am incredibly friendly and sweet. Please come visit me. Intake Date 10/29/15
  22. Hortense Female
    I was brought in as a stray. I thought I hit the jackpot when I was adopted in April. Sadly, I was returned because my owner was pregnant and thought I was too much work. I am a laid back, mellow gal and all I'm asking for his a home to show how much love I have to give. Intake Date 7/26/16
  23. Jenkins - M 3 yr. 8 mo.
    I came to the shelter in such pain - I had a fracture on my femur that the shelter staff took care of! Now I'm all better and waiting for someone to take me to my new home! Intake Date 4/22/14
  24. Jimmy and Johnny 10 years old
    We are a bonded pair that would love to spend our golden years in a home together. We are both front declawed. We are shy but sweet. Intake date: 8/30/17
  25. Justin M 9 months old
    I am a young and playful kitten who is not a fan of dogs. I'm active and love to play with other cats. Intake Date 2/23/17
  26. Julessa - F 7 yr 7 mos
    Look at my eyes! While so many visitors have complimented me on them, unfortunately no one has ever been so moved to adopt me. I'm a good girl who is so ready, I've been waiting 4 yrs. 7 mos for you! Intake Date 5/17/12
  27. Lady Liberty F 7 yrs old
    I was brought to the shelter as a stray. According to the staff, I am a wonderful cat. I am extremely friendly and would make an excellent companion. I would love to be your lap cat. Intake Date 8/15/17
  28. Leo 1 year old
    I came to the shelter as a stray from Easton. The staff thinks I am a sweet boy who is gentle and kind. Intake Date 9/30/17
  29. Mimosa F 2 yrs old
    I was brought to the shelter as a stray. I am friendly but definitely a little sassy. Intake Date 9/28/17
  30. Missy Female Adult
    I am an independent girl looking for the right family. I am ready to have a window in the sun to call my own. Please stop by the shelter to meet me. Intake Date 3/31/16
  31. Mrs. Clause
    My name was given to me because I was brought in as a stay just 1 week before Christmas. I am a sweet and gentle girl waiting on my forever family. Intake Date 12/18/16
  32. Oreo
    I was found as a stray in Easton. No one has come for me and I am hoping you will be the one. I am outgoing, friendly and get along with other cats. Intake Date 8/30/17
  33. Panthy M 2 yrs old
    I was surrendered because my owner was moving and decided to leave me behind. I am very energetic but am sad to be stuck in a cage because I have special dietary needs. Please come see me and get me out of this cage! Intake Date 3/11/16
  34. Pilgram M 5 yrs old
    I am plus sized guy looking for my forever home. Like to veg out on the couch and watch tv? I'm your guy. Intake Date 3/17/14
  35. Retro - M 3 yrs 7 mos
    LONG TERM RESIDENT. Found when I was a kitten and everyone thought I would find a home quickly. I find I am growing up here but hoping I will know what it's like to have a home of my own. I am spunky and an interesting character. Intake Date 10/10/13
  36. Rosanna F 5 yrs old
    I have been at the shelter for more than half of my life. I would prefer to be your one and only. Although I am not a fan of cats, I love people and can be playful and sweet. Please don't make spend the rest of my life in a shelter. Intake Date 12/22/14
  37. Royce M 1 year old
    I am a handsome guy who is sweet but a little shy. I was found as a stray. I am glad to be off the streets but I would really like a family of my own. Intake Date 5/6/17
  38. Sharon - F 6 yr 3 mos
    I arrived at the shelter as a stray and I was very sick at the time. Since then, I've healed completely and I'm excited to find my new home. I hope to see you soon - please ask for me! Intake Date 9/4/14
  39. Sven M 8 yrs old
    I was brought to the shelter when my owner passed away. I am a big teddy bear who loves to cuddle. I really like to play with toys. Intake Date 5/16/17
  40. Tuxie F 8 yrs old
    Didn't you know that 8 is the new 2? I may be older, but I don't look like it and I certainly don't act like it. I am easy going and do well with other cats. Intake Date 6/15/17
  41. Vanessa F
    I was dumped at the shelter after hours and I have been here ever since. I am front declawed and will let you know when I'm ready for affection. I would prefer a quiet home. Intake Date 9/6/15
  42. Violetta F 1 year old Himalayan In Foster
    I was brought in as a stray and am unfortunately FELV+. That means no other kitties for me. Please consider giving me a home to spend my final days. Intake Date 7/6/17
  43. Wendy F 2 yrs old
    I came to the shelter over a year and a half ago. I am often overlooked because I am quiet and do not demand attention. I am a sweet girl. Please come see me. Intake Date 6/25/16