Our Cats

At CAHW, we have two free-roaming cat rooms in the main facility, a large space for working cats in our lower facility, and a room specially designed for FELV cats.
  With over 150 cats in our facility, we can't list them all but below is a sampling. 

Please stop by and meet your new best friend!!
  1. Allie F DOB 7/21/2013
    I'm a pretty simple little lady. I love treats, high shelves, and independence. I don't mind sharing my space with another cat, as long as they don't pick on me. I am front declawed and would prefer a home with no dogs.
  2. Alli June F 2/23/07
    I am an older gal looking for a quiet home. I am ok with other cats. I am often overlooked because of my age and my special diet. Please give me a chance.
  3. Avon - F Age Unknown
    I have called the Center home all my life. I was found near Lafayette College in 2013 and was very sick but thankfully the shelter took me in and healed me! I am a real Diva and am very independent.
  4. Bazooka DOB 5/13/14
    I was surrendered to the shelter because my owner was allergic. I am scared of other cats but love people. I am sweet and looking for a family to love.
  5. Boo F DOB 5/21/11
    I'm a sassy girl who likes attention, but only on my terms. I am not a fan of other cats.
  6. Bowie F DOB 8/20/11
    While I do like to be pet, it must be on my terms. Sometimes you will get a swat if my mood is off. I must be you're one and only. Give me wet food and I'll be your best friend.
  7. Budgie M DOB 7/30/09
    I'm a cute guy with a love for people, other cats, and the staff at the shelter. I have called the Center home for over five years! Is it my turn yet? I have some urinary issues but would make a great addition to your family.
  8. Charlotte F DOB 6/04/2010
    I'm a pretty laid back older gal who loves affection. I'd prefer to be the only animal in the home because I can get jealous when others receive attention instead of me, but I will share if I must. Other than that, I just take it one day at a time and enjoy long naps in my comfy bed. Will you be my napping buddy?
  9. Dakota M DOB 1/18/2015
    I came to the shelter as a stray and I can't say thank you enough to the staff for taking me in. I love to greet them at the door and accompany them as they take care of me and the other cats. I absolutely love attention but can be hesitant around younger children. Come stop by and find me basking in the sunlight !
  10. Hertha F DOB 6/17/07
    I was brought to the shelter as a stray in 2014 and have called the shelter home ever since. I am a sweet and docile girl who would love a quiet home to spend my senior years.
  11. Izzy F DOB 10/18/2011
    I adore the staff at the shelter, but I dream of a quiet place of my own. I'm a super sweet little lady who will do summersaults of affection at your feet, if only given the chance. I do suffer from a chronic stuffy nose, but it doesn't bother me very much so I hope it doesn't bother you either. I get along great with other felines but am unsure of myself around canines; I may be willing to give it a chance, if you'd give me a chance?
  12. Jenkins - M DOB 4/22/13
    I came to the shelter in such pain - I had a fracture on my femur that the shelter staff took care of! Now I'm all better and waiting for someone to take me to my new home!
  13. Jolt M DOB 12/03/2008
    Hey there! I'm just a little old man looking for a home to settle down in. I would prefer to be by myself because I tend to get stressed out when there is too much commotion. I do have some tummy troubles and require a sensitive diet but I promise to keep your lap warm if you give me the chance!
  14. Madison F DOB 6/04/2014
    I'm a super sweet little girl who has a knack for singing. I adore attention and will surely let you know that it feels good. I am on a special diet due to being diabetic and receive insulin injections twice daily. If you don't mind my special needs, I promise to brighten your every day.
  15. Micah M DOB 1/14/16
    I came to the shelter as a stray and can't wait to find a home to call my own. I am playful and inquisitive.
  16. Missy Female Adult
    I am an independent girl looking for the right family. I am ready to have a window in the sun to call my own. Please stop by the shelter to meet me.
  17. Mya F DOB 3/11/14
    I came to the shelter when my dad was deployed. At first I would fight with the other cats, now I am doing much better. I still prefer to be your one and only but could tolerate another quiet cat.
  18. Pearl F DOB 5/15/07
    I am senior gal looking for a quiet home to spend my final years. I am talkative and can be easily bribed with wet food. Please give me a chance.
  19. Sparkie F DOB 6/10/17
    I came to the shelter when my owner moved and did not take me with. I have been here quite awhile and the staff can't figure out why, other than my age. I am easy going and just looking for a quiet place to spend my senior years.
  20. Sunny M DOB 07/09/2017
    After growing up in a single pet home, I find myself learning how to play with other cats and let me say, I ADORE kittens! They are just so much fun! Dogs, on the other hand, are very strange and I think I'll keep my distance. I love to talk and love attention. I am on the younger side so I still have lots of energy and would do best in a home with other cats.
  21. Tina F DOB 10/09/2014
    I'm a little shy in the beginning but I adore attention. Although I can be independent, I do enjoy sharing my space with a fellow cat. I have a few food allergies and therefore need to be on a special diet but I promise you won't regret it!
  22. Titan M DOB 3/20/2013
    As a young adult, I have found my way in life and often stare out the window contemplating why I still call the shelter home. I have a fair amount of energy and enjoy playing, even if no one wishes to join. I'd do best in a home with older children and don't mind having other feline friends around.
  23. Wendy F DOB 12/25/14
    I came to the shelter awhile ago. I am often overlooked because I am quiet and do not demand attention. I am a sweet girl. Please come see me.
  24. Winsom M DOB 12/03/2011
    Don't let my size deter you, I'm honestly just a big baby who wants nothing more than a person to call my own. I get along with other cats and I absolutely LOVE wet food. I am currently on a special diet due to some urinary problems but it doesn't slow me down. Come meet me today !