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Artzy doghouse and Art Auction

7/12/2013 - 7/12/2013

We are celebrating our 100 yr. Anniversary with monthly events. We are very excited about our Artzy dog houses. Local artists have had these handmade doghouses for several months and now they will be displayed at Phillipsburg mall for almost 6 weeks with an Auction on July 12th 7-9pm) We will also be asking for donations of other ’Art objects’ to be auctioned with the proceeds benefiting the animals of The Center! Stay tuned!
Artzy dog houses created by.....
1. Margarita Daly "Zen Dog House"
2. The Crayola Factory “Creative Canines”
3. Katie Hosler "Finding Inner Peace in Forever Homes"
4. Cheryl McCabe "Save the Planet for the Pups, Save Their Homes"
5. Andrea Geneoffo "Don’t Shop, Adopt, Rescue is the Breed" by Phi Gamma Delta
6. Ramona C Ruhf "Mini Shelter"
7. Mike and Jamie Careza iMiJ shop " Decoupage Dogs "
8. Mallorie Maefaubert
9. Sam Boglioli "Bow Wowser’s Castle"
10. Karin Vangeli Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry & Design "K-9 Heros"
11. Kelly Weaver & the Moravian College Art Club " Amos the Moravian Greyhound’s House"
12. Lisa Gerhart "What Dreams May Come"
13. Dan Roman "DogHouse"
14. Nancy Bisco Hosler "Your New Best Friend is Waiting"
15. April Sorhage “Wooftop Garden”

Phillipsburg Mall