Community Service & Court-Ordered Community Service

Please download and print out the appropriate application and submit to our Volunteer Coordinator via US Mail. 
No emails please.

Applicants will be contacted for an orientation if your interests and availability matches our openings.

High School volunteers seeking hours for their graduation requirements should apply their Junior Year in order to complete the required hours by graduation.

Please review our Service projects below as these can be used towards your community service requirements as well.

Service Projects

Community Service Projects offer an exciting opportunity for volunteers of all ages to make a difference and get started right away! All projects on this list can be used towards service requirements.

Organize a Donation Drive for items on our Wish List
These are items we always are in need of and appreciate donations of, such as treats, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. A copy of the Wish List can be found on our home page and can be picked up at The Center. Or maybe you would like to go shopping on the web, we have an Wish List on the home page and all items purchased can be shipped directly to the shelter!

Throw a Kitten Shower
A “baby shower” for our kittens. This fun event can be made as simple or elaborate as you wish and is dedicated to supporting the many kittens in need that come to the shelter.

Birthday Party for the Animals-
For your next birthday celebration, have guests bring an item to donate to The Center instead of presents!

Homework Fun to Help Animals
Learn more about animal welfare issues and spread what you’ve learned by using these topics for research papers, class presentations, etc.

Bake homemade dog biscuits for the dogs to enjoy
Dog treats are handed out to the dogs in their kennels and are a delicious treat!

Make catnip toys to provide hours of entertainment for the shelter & foster care cats!
Baby socks filled with catnip and sealed shut, catnip mice toys sewed together – get creative!

Cat Scratch Post
-Cats love to stretch & scratch, keeping their nails trim and being a great stress buster to boot. Project can be making stand-alone scratch posts, or carpet cut into 3 x 8 inch pieces, with a hole punched and attach a plastic shower hook for an easy-to-make scratch post to be hung in individual cat cages.

Girl Scout or Boy Scout?
Dedicate a merit badge to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare! Inquire with our Volunteer Coordinator on ideas for achieving badges/awards.

Make 'Adopt Me' Bandanas
Adopt Me bandanas are worn by the dogs at offsite events, and in photo shoots for an extra adoption boost. Bandanas can be decorated in a variety of ways and the bandanas can be colorful as well as, holiday specific as long as they say “Adopt Me”

Organize a Casual Day at Work
Employees donate $5.00 to a fund for The Center and get to dress down for a day. If your company allows this, you could do this more than once a month.

Sponsor a Contes
Organize a contest at school, work, or community with a prize for the winning group who raises the most donations, money, etc. for the Center.

Organize a Fundraiser
Penny Drive at school, Neighborhood Pet Wash, Bake Sale, Garage Sale, Cook-Off, Movie Night, etc. with proceeds donated to The Center.

Organize a Service Day:
Have your community group, business, etc. set up a one day project to do help the shelter with major cleaning, yard work, storage organization, minor repairs, etc. Shelter manager can give you a list of things based on the time of year.

Handy and Experienced with Construction/Plumbing/Electrical?
Donate your skills to work on a construction repair project at the Center.