Our Canine Training Philosophy


2017 State of the Shelter

The mission of The Center for Animal Health & Welfare is to find homes for all adoptable pets, and the Board and staff are committed to providing the best quality of life to all animals during their stay at the shelter.

Our canine training goals are to provide positive training techniques such as, but not limited to, treats, verbal commands, leash corrections, petting, relationship building, lead collars, halties, etc. While trainers may employ various techniques to resolve behavior problems, canines with extreme behavioral issues will be worked with individually to correct any behavior hindering its adoptability and finding a forever home.

Upon recommendation by the shelter’s canine trainer and the Executive Director, the Board of Directors approves, when necessitated by an individualized canine behavioral assessment, the use of a pet corrector, prong collar and remote collar. The use of shock collars and air horns are not approved as beneficial training techniques at The Center.

Questions regarding canine behavior techniques or The Center for Animal Health & Welfare’s policies may be directed to the Executive Director of the shelter.

2016 State of the Shelter
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